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Why Publish A Book?

In the modern age, we have a lot of ways to share information. Digital services make it easy to share things; electronic documents take up no space at all. As technology rockets forward, however, the printed book remains. We want something we can touch and feel, to feel that we are holding something of significance. Books have been treasured means of keeping and sharing knowledge for centuries, and a beautiful old book still inspires reverence and excitement in those who love to read and learn.

Now you too can create a book of your own, or even many of them! Share stories of your life and the life of your family. Make sure that coming generations know about the highs and lows that you experienced. Share with them the wisdom you’ve gained from the stories of your ancestors. Build a connection on the printed page between the past and the future.

Every family has stories to share. At Stevenson Genealogy, we can help you turn them into something never to be forgotten.