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Types of Books

We have experience with a wide variety of books. Here are some of the kinds we’ve done in the past.

Personal History
Autobiographies, memoirs, even just a volume of interesting stories from your childhood, these are all personal histories. In short, this is a book about you!
Family History
These could be a book about your parents, or a compilation of generations of people in your family line tying the Old World to the New, or anything in between. Connect the future to the past by preserving stories of where your family came from and where they are today.
History book
Maybe you’re interested in local history, or maybe you’ve studied some other region of the world. A history book of your own gives you the chance to share your knowledge of the subject with others. This is a great project for avid amateur historians.
Photo book
Share images of the past, be they recent or ancient. Quality printing can make your collection of family photos into something worth bragging about.
Poetry book
Maybe you’re a poet yourself, or maybe you have a parent or ancestor who was. Give the children of tomorrow the chance to enjoy the beauty and insight of your poems.
Children’s book
What better stories for children to grow up reading than the stories of their own family? With our help you can turn family tales and legends into stories to stir the imaginations of your children and grandchildren. This could be anything from a simple picture book to a lengthy middle-grade chapter book.