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Publishing Information

  • Archival Materials

    We want to help you to create something to pass down and share for generations to come. That's why we use high quality archival materials in the books we print. Every piece, from the ink to the binding to the cover, is made to last. We guarantee it.
  • Paper Sizes

    Books come in as many different sizes as people do, and every book's needs are different. We can make your book whatever size you like from 5.5" x 5.5" up to 12" x 12". Our designers will work with you to decide what would best fit your needs, and customize your layout and printing to match.
  • Paper Types

    Reading a book is a tactile experience, and that experience is part of why physical books are appealing even in this age of digital publishing. The look and feel of the paper is a small but significant part of creating your book, lending it a unique character and presentation. We have a variety of papers available for your use, all of them acid-free archival papers that will stay beautiful for ages.
  • Book Layout

    There are a wide variety of computer programs capable of generating page layout for your book. If you would like to use them to do the job yourself, that's great! When you're finished, just send us the result, including any pictures, and we'll happily print it for you. If you want a more polished, professional appearance, our experienced designers are available to assist you in placing text and images for the best effect.
  • Minimum Quantity

    We have no minimum order requirements. We are here to support your work with quality and quantity tailored to your individual needs. Whether you want one copy or a thousand, we can print them for you.
  • Publishing Rights

    Stevenson Genealogy makes no claim to your book. We offer our services to prepare and print your book, but it's still your book. If you choose to have more printed later, you are free to take your business wherever you like - though of course we'd love to help you again!
  • Selling Your Book

    The book is completely yours, and if you wish you're free to sell it however and wherever you like. Stevenson Genealogy makes no claim to your work. For your convenience, we can put your book on our website and make it available for on-demand printing, so it will never go out of print.
  • Copyright

    As the creator of a text, you have rights to your creation under copyright law. For your family history project, there is probably no need to register your copyright unless you plan to sell your book. To register a copyright, fill out and submit this form: http://www.copyright.gov/fls/sl35.pdf For more information on copyright, you should consult a qualified intellectual property lawyer.
  • ISBN

    This is a unique number issued to your book. If you are printing copies for friends and family, you don't need one. However, if you want to have your book sold in a bookstore they will require that your book have an ISBN.
  • Binding Options

    We have several different options for your book's binding, including hardbound, perfect bound, saddle stitched, and softbound. Each one has its advantages, and each produces a different look and feel for your book. For any binding, we offer services to produce a full color cover design and even dust jackets for hardbound books. Already know just how you want it to look? Let us know and we'll help you make it a reality.
  • Print on Demand

    Not sure how many copies you'll need? No reason to worry. When you put your book in our on-demand print system, it will be listed on our website and copies printed as people order them. No need to keep copies on hand in case you need one - just send your friends and family to the website, and let them buy as many as they want!
  • Mixing color with black and white pages

    Can't decide whether to print your book in beautiful color or simple black and white? No need to choose, we can do both! Whatever your needs, your images and text will come out clean, crisp, and professional. If you choose to mix in color with your black and white printing, we will work with you to get the best results and the most attractive product for you. Whatever you have in mind for your book's presentation, we can help you to make it happen.