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Here are some questions we often hear from our customers. If you have a question that you don’t see addressed on our site, please contact us. Helping people write and publish their stories is what we love doing; your feedback helps us to do that better.

Why should I share my stories?
Your experiences, wisdom and knowledge can help those who come after you to live better and happier lives. Hearing about your life can lift, inspire, and entertain your family and friends for years to come.
What is the best publishing method for me?
This is something you ultimately have to answer for yourself, but here are some things to think about:
  •  For whom are you writing?
  •  What kind of information do you want to convey?
  •  How would you like to distribute your final product?
  •  Do you plan to sell your story?


Why should I save my stories?

Don’t count on other people to remember what you’ve said and done. Preserving those stories yourself helps prevent them being lost or distorted by time and error in others’ memories.

How do I make an FTP transfer?You’ll find complete instructions on uploading files to our FTP server here: Link

What is your return policy?

We guarantee the quality of all of our work. If one of our products is defective, we will repair or replace it. However, changing your mind about what you want is not a valid reason for a return. This is why we consult carefully with all our customers at every step to make sure you’re getting just what you want.

Can I sell my history?

If you own the rights to it, you can sell it! Stevenson Genealogy makes no claim to the rights on your book. We act as your agent in preparing your book for publication and in printing it, but the intellectual property is yours.

How can we help you?

  • Why should I share my stories?

    Because you are important to others.
  • What is the best publishing method for me?

    First decide why you want to publish and who you are publishing for.
  • Why should I save my stories?

    If you don't record your life stories they will likely be lost forever.
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