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“What can an editor do for me?” you may ask. Quite a few different things, actually. It depends on your needs and desires for the book you’ve written. Here are some of the services our editors can provide.

Content Edit
You’ve assembled all the pieces of the story, and the editor can help you arrange them to maximum effect. Rearranging story elements, drawing out more information on some things or eliminating distracting details from another, the editor will improve the impact and appeal of your story. In a fiction project the editor may help with characterization and plot, but even in an historical text an editor can help you make your book a better read.
Line Edit
Where the content edit is focused on story, the line edit is focused on words. Our editors have the skill with language to make each word shine, to adjust phrasing to draw the reader into the story you’re telling. This can include checking facts and consistency as well, making sure a person isn’t wearing a red shirt on one page and a yellow one on the next.
Copy Editing
This is the editing that every book should receive, no matter what. A copy edit will check grammar, spelling, and coherency throughout your book or manuscript. Computer spell checkers can catch most things, but there are some errors only a human being will pick out. Don’t let typos and awkward grammar mistakes spoil your book; let us give you a truly professional appearance so that the attention is on what you say and not on how it was spelled.